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Windshield Chips and Crack: Repair May Be an Option

Glass Doctor® explains that repairing a windshield can save a future replacement.

WACO, Texas (August 31, 2014) – A chip or crack on a vehicle windshield can be annoying, especially if it occurs in the driver’s field of vision. Often small chips or cracks are left unrepaired because it is assumed that a costly windshield replacement is the only solution. However, small chips and cracks can often be repaired without needing to replace the whole windshield.

Windshield chips and cracks can be hazardous, possibly obstructing the driver’s view or causing the driver to lose focus on the road. Also, chips and cracks that go untreated can expand over time, threatening the structural integrity that the windshield provides.

In addition to this risk, neglecting to address chips or cracks in windshields can lead to the need for an expensive windshield replacement, when a quick repair could be the solution when addressed early. Some insurance companies will even cover the cost of a windshield repair because of the relatively low cost when compared to replacing an entire windshield.

Not only will repairing a windshield cost less, it will also save time. Also, repairing chips and cracks can keep the factory-installed windshield intact, possibly preventing further complications.

If you have a crack or chip on your windshield, don’t wait for it to become a serious problem. Consult with your local Glass Doctor for more information,