8 Do’s and Don’ts for De-Icing Your Windshield

Waking up bright and early to remove ice from a windshield is a pain. Unfortunately, many impatient drivers discover creative ways to break the glass instead of removing the ice.  

“There are some creative ideas for getting ice off windshields, but they can be hazardous to your health,” Wayne Robinson of Glass Doctor® of Amarillo, Texas, said. “There is a better way to safely remove ice from windshields and auto glass.”

Here are the Glass Doctor eight do’s and don’ts for de-icing your windshield:

DO: Pour cold water to gradually melt the ice on a “sealed,” frozen door.


DON’T: Pour hot water on the vehicle’s windshield and windows to melt the ice. The extreme temperature change can cause the glass to break.


DO: Start the vehicle and use the defroster setting to warm the glass. Wait at least five minutes for the glass to warm up.


DON’T: Try to “unseal” the door by using a hair dryer, cigarette lighter, ice pick, screwdriver, propane torch or portable heater.


DO: Use a plastic ice scraper and a soft plastic bristle brush or broom to clear the ice once it starts melting. A squeegee also helps.


DON’T: Scrape the ice off the windshield with a metal ice scraper, key, spatula, utility knife or crowbar. The metal scratches and cuts grooves in the glass.


DO: Make sure no ice or snow is obstructing the vehicle’s tailpipe. If it is covered, remove the ice or snow to prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.


DON’T: Pour a mixture of vinegar and water on the windshield. Vinegar eats pits into the windshield glass.


Waiting for ice to melt on its own isn’t practical in the morning, so knowing how to properly defrost auto glass is important. By waking up a few minutes early, drivers can avoid accidents caused by de-icing windshields.

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